We welcome you to the Undergraduate Research Conference (URC 2021) organized by the School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology, Nilai University in collaboration with IEEE Consumer Technology Society Malaysia Chapter(CESoc Malaysia), which will be held on 31st March 2021 at Nilai University, Nilai. We had challenging period in 2020, and in the wake of pandemic, it is important to ensure that academic and research activities continuously engaged. One of the strategy is of course organizing research and academic conferences. The success of a conference depends ultimately on the many people who have worked in planning and organizing both the technical program and supporting social arrangements. In particular, on behalf of IEEE Consumer Technology Society Malaysia Chapter, I would like to congratulate Organizing Committee of URC 2021 for their brilliant effort in highlighting the importance to spur research interest for undergraduate students. The theme for URC2021, Intelligent and Resilient Technologies in Computing provides the needed attention on the state-of-the art on all interdisciplinary areas of consumer technologies relating the Industry 4.0, which encompass theory, development, application, and experiences that generally gained through experimentation or reasoned analogies. The recent Industry 4.0 revolution is increasingly gaining significant attention from scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, citizens and decision makers. The heterogeneity of technological sources like Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence has given rise to a phenomenal diversity in the way we manage our environment and sustainable living. Recognition should go to the Organizing Committee members, reviewers and the entire stakeholder of the conference who have all worked extremely hard for the details of important aspects of the conference programs. CTSoc Malaysia has always been instrumental in supporting local academia and industry engagement in various areas with core focus on research agenda. CTSoc Malaysia is indeed glad to be associated with URC 2021 with the objective to foster better collaboration among institutions and research community. I believe URC 2021 will be an exciting platform for undergraduate students from Computing and Engineering disciplines to share and disseminate their knowledge and findings in related areas. Success always begin with a small step, as such I believe this conference could be a good head start for better research outcome in coming years. Congratulations again to the Organizing Committee for putting up such initiative, hope that students and participants could gain important insights on research, and foster better collaboration.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thinagaran Perumal

Honorary Chair

IEEE Consumer Technology Society Malaysia Chapter