Word Length

4000 to 7000 words (inclusive of tables and graphs).


Times New Roman.

Font Size



A4 (Width 8.27" / Height 11.69").


1.5" (Left) / 1" (Right) / 1" (Top) / 1"(Bottom).


No paragraph should be indented. Leave one line space between each paragraph.

Line spacing

1.5 space in the entire body of the paper.

Page numbers

Except first page, all the other pages should be numbered serially.

Title of paper

The title of the paper should be in 'Sentence Case', font size 14pt, bold and centered at the top of the first page.



Authors and Affiliations

Authors and Affiliations should be followed after the title of paper. The author(s) name should be font size 12pt and bold. Corresponding author should be marked with asterisk (*). Affiliation(s) of the author(s) along with their full address(es) of organisation(s) followed with phone and Email should be of font size 10pt centered and single lined spaced. If there are two or more authors for the same paper but are from different organisations then in this case the authors' name and address should be super-scripted by numerically 1, 2, etc.



Abstract and Keywords

Begin the paper with an abstract of approximately 200 words. The abstract should be followed by 3 to 5 keywords arranged in alphabetical order. Each keyword should be separated by a comma. First-level headings should be left aligned, bold-faced and in 'Capital Letters', font size 12pt.


Second-level headings should be left aligned, bold-faced and in 'Sentence Case' with font size of 12pt. Third-level headings should be left aligned, bold-faced and in Italics with font size 12pt.


The body of the paper should follow the abstract. The body of the text should be divided into headings like Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement (if any) and References or any other suitable headings as per the content blend.

The body should be 1.5 lines spaced and 'Justified'. Ensure to use a first level heading of some type after the abstract and before the first paragraph of the body of the paper to clearly separate the two.



Appendices, if any

Appendices should immediately follow the body of the paper and precede the References.




References in the text matter should be quoted as per the following guidelines:

·         If ONE author                       : Granato, 1995.

·         If TWO authors                     : Brown and Warner, 1985.

·         If THREE or MORE authors : Moeller et al. 2005.

If TWO or MORE references are to be quoted for a certain concept or text line: Brown and Warner, 1985; Granato, 1995; Moeller et al. 2005.

Details of the references quoted in the text should appear at the end of the paper in alphabetical order and be written in APA style. References should be single lined-spaced font size 11pt.



Foot notes

No footnotes are allowed anywhere in the text. You may use endnotes instead and place them after references.



Exhibit and Tables

Exhibits and tables must be typed using MS Word table format. Insert the tables and figures as close as possible to the citations within the context. Headings should be aligned left, bold-faced and in Sentence Case above the exhibit. Headings for each exhibit is font size 11pt.



Additional information

It is the responsibility of the author(s) to check grammar, spellings, punctuation marks, etc. thoroughly before submission of the paper.